Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 – G7/H7

The two matches yesterday have just ended and Azu-nyan and Shouko have won. Here is a summary of those matches:

Match G6:

1. Nanako Azusa (K-On!!): 425 votes

2. Takanashi Kozue (WORKING!!): 100 votes

3. Shannon (Umineko no Naku Koro ni): 62 votes

4. Itoshiki Rin (Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei): 30 votes

Match H6:

1. Kirishima Shouko (BakaTest): 232 votes

2. Haruue Erii (Railgun): 141 votes

3. Sonogi Yukina (Senkou no Night Raid): 105 votes

4. Etou Fujiko (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou): 50 votes

Azu-nyan blew away the competition from the beginning. There was absolutely no way that anyone else could have caught up to her. Shouko’s match was a bit closer, but she did end up winning easily. That gives another win for BakaTest. That brings my predictions to 50-16 and my picks to 34-32.

Here is a look into today’s matches:

Match G7:

Sekine (Angel Beats!): 14th (Group F3), 6th (Group S2)

Myoudouin Itsuki/Cure Sunshine (Pretty Cure!): 22nd (Group F15), 7th (Group S3)

Akiyama Mio (K-On!!): 4th (Group F12)

Aria (The Sacred Blacksmith): 26th (Group F4), 22nd (Group S1)

Match H7:

Hanabishi Miki (Hayate): 9th (Group F3)

Kazumiya Rio (Sora no Woto): 24th (Group F8), 16th (Group S4)

Ushiromiya Jessica (Umineko no Naku Koro ni): 20th (Group F4), 19th (Group S2)

Hinamori Amu (Shugo Chara!): 6th (Group F11)


Today, we have the battle of the bassists. On our left, we have Houkago Tea Time’s Mio-chan and on our right, we have Girls Dead Monster’s Sekine-chan. Makes you wish that Irie-chan went up against Ricchan, Hisako-chan went up against Yui, and Yui-nyan/Iwasawa-chan went up against Azu-nyan. Actually, it was good that they didn’t face each other because we all know who would have won those matches. But back to this match, last year, Mio-chan had a devastating first round lost to Minami Kana. This shouldn’t be the case this year. I wish I could vote for both of them, but I guess I’m going to be voting for Mio-chan.

Hayate no Gotoku!! has been doing okay, but not great. They were able to advance Isumi, Nagi, and Maria, but they lost Hina-chan, Izumi-chan, and many others in the process. Miki did okay in the preliminaries, but I think that she will be another casualty today because I think that Amu-chan will win this. I will also be voting for Amu-chan.


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