What is one thing that can destroy the normalcy of a person? If your answer is dakimakura, you are absolutely correct. For those who don’t know what a dakimakura is, dakimakura comes from daki (抱き) which means hug and makura (枕) which means pillow. Combine those two together and we get a body pillow. Okay, so that seems okay, but what if the cover of the body pillow has a girl on it? To most people, that changes everything. Several years back, I would never imagine having a dakimakura. For one thing, it’s so expensive. Also, there was no way that I would be caught with a dakimakura. Well, things changed since those several years. I’ve seen so many dakimakura covers that I wanted. Also, I’ve gotten enough enough money to consider buying one, or a few.

So a little more than a year ago, I got a Chrome Dokuro pillow case. Not quite a dakimakura case, but I had to get it because I love Chrome-nyan. Thoughout my senior year in college, I would always be hugging that pillow whenever I was in my suite. I’m sure that my five other suitemates and all my other friends that visited my suite could attest to that. Again, it’s not a dakimakura, but it’s a close as I can get. Even now, I’m still hugging that pillow because I love Chrome-nyan.

Several months ago, I found this dakimakura cover with Katsura Hinagiku. I really had to get that cover with Hina-chan and since it was cheap enough, I bought it. Several weeks ago, I noticed this dakimakura cover with Shimada Minami that I really wanted. I decided to buy it after finding it at a decent price. So, I had two dakimakura cover, but no dakimakura. Let me tell you, it is tough finding a dakimakura that was large enough. All the body pillows I saw in stores were too small. That meant that the only way I could find one was on the internet. I wish I didn’t have to spend that much money on a dakimakura, but I ended up buying one and earlier today, I got it. I’ll post pictures of the Hina-chan and the Minami-chan dakimakura when I get a chance to. I wish that there was an actual dakimakura of Chrome-nyan so I could buy it. But guess what that means, I’m not normal anymore (not like I was normal ever). For someone that is looking for a girlfriend, having a dakimakura surely doesn’t help my cause.

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