Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 – E5/F5

An interesting set of matches has just ended and Iwasawa and Rima have won. Here is a summary of those matches:

Match E4:

1. Iwasawa (Angel Beats!): 201 votes

2. Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge): 169 votes

3. Bachou (Koihime Musou): 93 votes

4. Oribe Mafuyu (Seikon no Qwaser): 57 votes

Match F4:

1. Mashiro Rima (Shugo Chara!): 178 votes

2. Kanbara Satomi (Saki): 168 votes

3. Satsukitane Mikako (Sora no Otoshimono): 149 votes

4. Yumeno Maho (Saki): 44 votes

These two matches were very interesting not because of the names but because of what happened. In the group E match, Nino had a lead over GirlDeMo’s former lead Iwasawa. Then, Iwasawa caught up in the later part of the match. She finally took the lead and kept it after that. The match looked a lot closer with fake votes, but Iwasawa ended up with a 33 vote win. After falling behind, especially with the lost of Yurippe, Angel Beats! gets its third straight win, bringing them to 3-3 in the main tournament with four more girls to go in the last two groups. In the group F match, Rima took the lead early and kept it. Wahaha made it very interesting by taking second  in the later part of the match and getting close to Rima. With the fake votes, it looked like a three-girl race to the top. But at the end, Rima never fell behind. My predictions are now 33-11 and my picks go to 24-20

There is going to be a day of rest today, but here is a look into the two matches that are coming up tomorrow:

Match E5:

Kyon’s Sister (Haruhi): 11th (Group F4)

Yamada Aoi (WORKING!): 2nd (Group F14)

Tachibana Himeko (K-On!!): 14th (Group F9), 5th (Group S1)

Ogasawara Akiko (Taisho Yakyuu Girls): 4th (Group F9)

Match F5:

Shiina Mafuyu (Seitokai no Ichizon): 1st (Group F4)

Katsura Hinagiku (Hayate): 1st (Group F12)

Umenomori Chise (Mayoi Neko Overrun!): 6th (Group F8)

Miria Marigold Mackenzie (Jewelpet Tinkle): 9th (Group F9)


“Kyon-kun, denwa…Kyon-kun, denwa…Kyon-kun denwa…” Yup, something some people, especially Kyon, will be hearing today, as Kyon’s little sister goes today. She probably won’t have a chance today since this match is going to be between Aoi (who’s last name is probably not Yamada) and Akiko. Akiko had one of the best performances of the Taisho girls. Unfortunately for her, Aoi is just going to be too strong for her. Who am I voting for? Kyon’s sister.

This other match tomorrow is going to be very interesting. Not only did all of the girls do well in their matches, we have two girls that actually won their preliminary matches. First, let’s look at the two non-winners. Miria did okay in her round, but her group wasn’t very strong, so she probably won’t have a chance of winning. Chise did a little better, but her group was a lot stronger than Miria. However, Chise already lost to three Hayate girls, so I don’t see her winning. That leaves us with Hina-chan and Mafuyu-chan. This is shy Mafuyu-chan’s first Saimoe Tournament and probably going to be her last. She won her group, but it wasn’t that stong. Unfortunately for her, she had to be placed in Hina-chan’s group. Hina-chan is one of the tournament favorites today and in the past and this is going to be her last year (unless another Hayate season starts, which is possible). As we all remember, Hina-chan had one of the toughest preliminary groups with Kanade-chan, Tacos, Mio-chan, Kuroko, and Rika-chan, but she managed to win with ease. I don’t see why Hina-chan would lose. I’m also voting for her.

Enjoy this rest day and hopefully, these next two matches will be exciting.

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