Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 – E1/F1

With the last match in groups C and D in this round, Nodocchi and Yamamoto-sensei win. Here is a summary of yesterday’s results:

Match C9:

1. Haramura Nodoka (Saki): 441 votes

2. Sakura Akari (Jewelpet Tinkle): 355 votes

3. Yamada (B-Gata H-Kei): 95 votes

4. Yuiki Yaya (Shugo Chara!): 21 votes

Match D9:

1. Yamamoto Nanako (Hanamaru Kindergarten): 297 votes

2. Liz (Omamori Himari): 176 votes

3. Satou (Mayoi Neko Overrun!): 150 votes

4. Himegami Aisa (Railgun): 140 votes

In match C9, Nodocchi actually didn’t have the lead and it wasn’t Yamada that gave her that trouble; it was Jewelpet’s Akari. She had a slight lead over Nodoka for the beginning of the match, but Nodoka managed to pass her and win. Revenge voting tried to get Nodoka to lose, but nothing could be done at the end. There is nothing much to say about match D9 but that D9 was a match that Yamamoto-sensei breezed through very easily. None of the others could come even close to her. This brings my predictions to 27-9 and my picks to 18-18.

So now with this match over, the first round matches in groups C and D are over. Basically, Saki did well, but at a price. Buchou’s victory over Uiharu by one vote is going to affect Saki girls from now on. We saw it yesterday and no doubt that it’s going to happen again in the future. Tacos is lucky that Buchou’s match wasn’t earlier or she would have lost to Hamster. She might not be as lucky this time around. Mizuki or Nodoka can take the victory away from her next round if she isn’t careful. Buchou is now going to have to face Maria, which is not good for her at all. Koromo had a chance of taking group D, but now, she is going to have a tougher time advancing, especially with Kuroko as her next opponent. Enjoy the all-Saki match next round, because you will probably not be seeing that in the future.

Though groups C and D are done for now, there is no rest day; we’re going straight to the groups I’ve been waiting for: groups E and F. Here is a look into today’s matches:

Match E1:

Korone (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou): 10th (Group F8)

Hoshina Utau (Shugo Chara!): 9th (Group F15)

Koumei (Koihime Musou): 6th (Group F13)

Nagato Yuki (Haruhi): 1st (Group F11)

Match F1:

Shimada Hazuki (BakaTest): 17th (Group F8), 5th (Group S2)

Yasuri Nanami (Katanagatari): 15th (Group F15), 10th (Group S2)

Someya Mako (Saki): 7th (Group F10)

Itszora Konayuki (Katanagatari): 19th (Group F7), 14th (Group S1)


Yuki-chan won her preliminary by sneaking past Uiharu and Nodoka. Today, she will be facing three girls that managed to also make it past the first preliminary. Utau did well in the Shana/Yui/Mugi/Yuri/Haruhi group, Koumei did well in the not so strong Fate group, and Korone did okay in the Nagi group. Though these three did well, I don’t see any of them winning. Yuki-chan is the strongest girl in the Haruhi series and those three are just not strong enough to beat her. I will be voting for Yuki-chan because her alternative (much shyer) version in Disappearance was so cute.

This is the 11th straight match with someone from Saki. Mako is the only one in this match that made it past the second preliminary. I don’t see her losing, but Hazuki-chan might give her some challenge, especially after the Buchou victory that angered Uiharu fans. I have nothing against Saki, but I will be voting for Hazuki-chan because she is Minami-chan’s sister (Minami-chan advanced in an earlier match) and Hazuki-chan is cute.

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  1. frustra
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 11:29:31

    Koromo and Tacos have a great chance of winning their 2nd round matches because they’re both on deck at the same voting day. But then again, Uiharu had the same advantage and it didn’t pan up as expected. We’ll see.


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