Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 – C3/D3

Matches C2 and D2 have just finished and Mizuki and Saki take the wins for the day. Here is a summary of yesterday’s matches:

Match C2:

1. Himeji Mizuki (BakaTest): 224 votes

2. Holo (Spice & Wolf): 190 votes

3. Kajiki Yumi (Saki): 121 votes

4. Yusa (Angel Beats!): 92 votes

Match D2:

1. Amano Saki (Kanamemo): 230 votes

2. Yamanaka Sawako (K-ON!!): 185 votes

3. Alice (Pandora Hearts): 104 votes

4. Ousawa Mimina (Ladies vs. Butlers): 73 votes

Holo didn’t give Mizuki much competition throughout the match. She was behind from the beginning and couldn’t do much about that. That gives BakaTest another win. Whether Minami-chan can beat Nagi or Mizuki can beat Tacos, we’ll see next month. It was a tight race between Saki and Sawa-chan-sensei in the beginning. Then halfway through the match, Saki took a slight lead and sped off in the last hour of the match. So, that brings my predictions to 15-7 and my picks to 10-12.

Here are the matches that will be occurring tomorrow:

Match C3:

Sawamura Tomoki (Saki): 16th (Group F13), 10th (Group S4)

Angol Mois (Keroro): 16th (Group F12), 11th (Group S4)

Manabe Nodoka (K-On!!): 6th (Group F16)

Yoshinoya-sensei (Hidamari Sketch): 8th (Group F11)

Match D3:

Enjutsu (Koihime Musou): 18th (Group F1), 16th (Group S1)

Wilhelmina Carmel (Shana): 12th (Group F12)

Komori Kiri (Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei): 14th (Group F13), 11th (Group S2)

Tsumuhana Isuzu (Ookami Kakushi): 13th (Group F3), 3rd (Group S1)


Match C3 is going to be between Nodoka and Yoshinoya-sensei. This is going to be a close match, but it looks like Nodoka will have the advantage, based on her performance in the preliminary and based on the fact that she has K-On!! on her side. She is also getting my vote.

Match D3 is an even weaker match than the match before it. Of the four girls in this match, only Wilhelmina advanced in the first preliminary (and barely). Isuzu could give Wilhelmina a little bit of trouble, but I don’t see why Wilhelmina would not win this match. Wilhelmina also gets my vote for this match.


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