Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 – C2/D2

The first matches in groups C and D are over and Tacos and Aka-chan manage to get the wins. Here are results from the first matches in groups C and D:

Match C1:

1. Kataoka Yuuki (Saki): 348 votes

2. Nishizawa Ayumu (Hayate): 299 votes

3. Nogizaka Haruka (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu): 75 votes

4. Asagiri Kaname (Ookami Kakushi): 37 votes

Match D1:

1. Sakurano Kurimu (Seitokai no Ichizon): 288 votes

2. Ayuzawa Misaki (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!): 273 votes

3. Kikusaka Kochou (Taisho Yakyuu Musume.): 110 votes

4. Kagurazaka Asuna (Negima!): 44 votes

Tacos managed to remember to eat her tacos yesterday. She had a close match against Hamster, but Hamster could never pass her. Tacos was just too strong for Hamster. The other match was even closer between Aka-chan and Misaki. It was extremely close in the beginning and it was like that for most of the match, but at the end, Aka-chan managed to pull it off, though Misaki managed to get very close at the last hour.

Predictions: 14-6; Picks: 9-11

Here’s a look into tomorrow’s matches:

Match C2:

Kajiki Yumi (Saki): 6th (Group F10)

Himeji Mizuki (BakaTest): 2nd (Group F16)

Holo (Spice & Wolf): 5th (Group F1)

Yusa (Angel Beats!): 3rd (Group F5)

Match D2:

Yamanaka Sawako (K-On!!): 9th (Group F4)

Alice (Pandora Hearts): 20th (Group F12), 23rd (Group F4)

Ousawa Mimina (Ladies vs. Butlers!): 13rd (Group F2), 17th (Group F2)

Ameno Saki (Kanamemo): 9th (Group F11)


On paper, Himeji has the advantage in match C2, but it’s going to be a pretty close matchup. I think that Yusa and Yumi are not strong enough to beat Himeji, but Holo could give her some challenge. Earlier, I was thinking that Holo could win, but seeing how Minami-chan did in her match, I think I might give this match to Himeji now. Of course, I will be supporting Angel Beats!, so I hope Yusa does well.

Match D2 is a pretty weak match. The main contenders in this group are Ameno Saki and Sawa-chan-sensei. Sawa-chan-sensei does have the advantage of being from K-On!!, which does mean that she might get some help, so right now, I will say that she will win this round. I guess my vote here will go to Saki.


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