Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 – Summary of groups A and B

The final match of groups A and B are over and Nagi and — advances to the second round. Here are the results from yesterday’s matches:

Group A9:

1. Sanzen’in Nagi (Hayate): 424 votes

2. Yukimura Chizuru (Hakuouki): 188 votes

3. Takanashi Nazuna (WORKING!!): 183 votes

4. Kuzumi Mana (Ookami Kakushi): 44 votes

Group B9:

1. Himari (Omamori Himari): 271 votes

2. Senoo Kaori (Saki): 267 votes

3. Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2): 125 votes

4. Jinguuji Kuesu (Omamori Himari): 107 votes

The Nagi match was a bit close at the beginning, but then, she just ran away from the others after that. I was expecting Nagi to win, but I was also expecting Nagi to have some competition with Nazuna, but that never happened. For the second match, I originally thought that Himari would win, but then I thought that split votes would give Kaori the win. However, at the end, Kaori didn’t have enough luck to win today. The split votes made this match really close between Himari and Kaori and at the middle and later hours of the match, Kaori had at least a 20 vote lead. Then at the last two hours, Himari managed to pass her, so at the end, Himari ended up winning with just a 4 vote margin.

With this match over, the first round of groups A and B are over. Hidamari Sketch, Hayate no Gotoku, and Sora no Otoshimono are doing well right now, each sending two girls into the next round. Bakemonogatari is also doing well, but not as well as some people were hoping, sending only three of their five girls (in group A and B) into the next round. And, big names Shana and Nanoha are still in the mix right now.

I’m currently 12-6 right now in predictions, which is not great but I guess it’s not bad either. I still have a lot to learn; I didn’t say that I was great at predicting. 66% is still passing in most high schools (and it’s at least a B in electrical engineering college courses, haha).

There is going to be a four day break since Comiket is coming up on Friday (I wish I could be there). So, the first matches for the next two groups will start on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend and if you’re going to Comiket, have a great time with the crowds there!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. frustra
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 16:26:25

    well what’s important is that your picks are doing well… or are they?

    in any case, it’s always cool to read Saimoe thoughts from a different person’s perspective 😀


    • Kotarou Inugami
      Aug 12, 2010 @ 10:29:04

      Well, I’m doing even worse right now in picks. I’m currently 7-11. It’s good to see that Shana-chan, Minami-chan, and Himari-chan are still in, but I also hoped that Junko-chan, Haruna-chan, Honya-chan, and Secchan were still in.


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