Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 – 9

The eighth match of this first round is over and Minami-chan and Shinobu both advance. Here are the results from yesterday’s matches:

Match A8:

1. Shimada Minami (BakaTest): 193 votes

2. Kushinada Nemuru (Ookami Kakushi): 148 votes

3. Tsuchida Satsuki (Hanamaru Kindergarten): 135 votes

4. Araragi Karen (Bakemonogatari): 94 votes

Match B8:

1. Oshino Shinobu (Bakemonogatari): 218 votes

2. Ryuubi (Koihime Musou): 169 votes

3. Asakura Ryouko (Haruhi): 128 votes

4. Miyazaki Nodoka (Negima): 82 votes

More cracks are being seen in Bakemonogatari’s armor. Though Shinobu easily advanced, Karen ended up last in her match. Minami-chan did much better than I thought, actually winning her match. It would have been nice to see Nodoka-chan place something other than last place. She went far many years back, but unfortunately, Negima is very weak right now. So in summary, BakaTest is doing much better than expected, Bakemonogatari is not as strong as once thought, and Negima continues its losing streak.

With eight matches in groups A and B done, there is only one more match left for both groups in this round. Here are today’s matches:

Match A9:

Yukimura Chizuru (Hakuouki): 10th (Group F7)

Kuzumi Mana (Ookami Kakushi): 22nd (Group F8), 15th (Group F3)

Takanashi Nazuna (WORKING!!): 3rd (Group F10)

Sanzen’in Nagi (Hayate): 1st (Group F8)

Match B9:

Senoo Kaori (Saki): 8th (Group F14)

Himari (Omamori Himari): 5th (Group F13)

Jinguuji Kuesu (Omamori Himari): 9th (Group F7)

Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2): 10th (Group F5)


Today is Nagi’s time to rule her match, but she is going to have some trouble with Nazuna in this match, but she will have the slight advantage here, seeing that Mahiru couldn’t beat her during the preliminary and that Nazuna got third in a weak group. The other match is a bit harder to read. I wanted to say Himari had the advantage here, but Kuesu could make that really tough because of split votes. So right now, I’m going to give this match to Tsuruga’s Kaori.


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