Anime Saimoe Tournament – Group Predictions

The draws just came for this tournament and all I have to say is UGH!  I wanted to see Angel Beats! do well, especially Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan, but most of them are going to have a tough time in the first round. I also wanted to see Minami-chan and Junko-chan do well, but they’re probably not going to make it past the first round. Negima is going to do horrible again, probably even worse than last year (which they already are). Eva (and maybe Kono-chan) is probably their best chance to get to round two. After that, yea right. At least they have at least one more year… Now on to my predictions:

Group A: Basically, if your name is not Yui or Nagi, you are not going to make it far. Though, Yui will have trouble against Nedeko (She finished pretty close to the top in the Azu-nyan group). Nagi may have some trouble in round two since she will be facing Tsubasa and Karen, but that does give her the advantage since votes could be split between the two. Basically, the group final will be between Yui and Nagi. Yuno may also give some difficulty for the two. Yui may have the advantage here, but she has been subject to many fake votes. If that happens, voters may be more inclined to vote for Nagi. I can’t say right now who has the clear advantage.

Group B: Shana-chan and Yurippe are going to fight it out again…in the first round. Shana-chan won easily and I think she will probably win again. Nanoha will probably make it to the finals and so will Isumi, but this match will be focused on Shana and Nanoha. I think that Shana-chan may have the very, very slight advantage here.

Group C: This is a hard group to predict. The first battle in group C is hard to predict but it will be between Yuuki and Ayumu and the winner of that will go to the group finals. The fifth battle in group C will be between Izumi-chan, Hisa, and Uiharu. The winner of that (which I cannot predict at all) will then have to face Maria. And then, there is the second round battle that will be between Mihoko and Nodoka. This group is basically a Saki vs. Hayate matchup, with a little bit of Railgun in it. The winner here (assuming Uiharu doesn’t make it into the group finals) will be the girl that stands alone in the match. So, if Saki has two girls in the group final, the Hayate girl will win, and vice versa.

Group D: I think that Kurimu-chan will have no problem going to the group finals. There will be a battle between Kyou and Koromo in the second round, but I think that Koromo will win that battle. I think at the end, Koromo will make it to the final eight for the second year in a row.

Group E: Well, Haruhi and Yamada will be in the group finals. The other girl in the group final will be harder to predict. Kanade-chan and Index-chan are fighting in the first round. Yui-nyan won against Index-chan in the preliminaries, so you would think that Kanade-chan would win easily. I’m going to say that Kanade-chan will have a tough battle here, but she will win that battle. Then, there is the winner of that battle facing Yuki, which is also very hard to predict. If Yuki wins this, then Aoi goes on to the final eight. If not, then I would say that maybe Kanade-chan (or Index-chan) will advance.

Group F: Yes…well, this is going to be another interesting group. Yui-nyan is facing Mahiru in the first round. I want to say that Yui-nyan has the slight advantage here and I hope I’m right. Hina-chan will be facing Mafuyu-chan (which I think she will win) and then she will be facing Saki-chan. I would probably have to give that to Hina-chan. Then, there is Hitagi vs. Ricchan, which I think Hitagi has the slight advantage. So I think the final will be between Yui-nyan, Hina-chan, and Hitagi. Ugh, why did Yui-nyan and Hina-chan have to be in the same group. Hina-chan has a slight advantage, but she is facing Yui-nyan and Hitagi, so that is a hard match to call.

Group G: Mikoto-chan and Mio-chan will make it to the group finals with little problems. Ui will be facing Momoko in round one, but she has the slight advantage here because of split votes. Then she has to face Poplar-chan and Azu-nyan. I think that if Ui is here, then Poplar-chan advances due to split votes. Otherwise, Azu-nyan advances. If Azu-nyan advances, then Mikoto-chan advances to the final eight due to split votes. If not, then the group final will be much more interesting.

Group H: Fate-chan easily makes it to the group finals and so will Fumino-chan. Mugi will have a tough first battle against Rena, which she should win. Then, she has to face Ruiko-chan. Ruiko-chan is popular, but Mugi is also popular and she has K-On!! by her side. I think that Fate-chan has the advantage here in this group.

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