Anime Saimoe Tournament – Second Prelims 1 of 4

It has been several days since the first preliminary ended and things are about to start up again with the second preliminaries. 193 girls made it to the first round already (there were 2 girls tied for 12th in the first group) and another 438 girls have a second shot to make it to the first round. Things in the second preliminaries are a bit different.

In the first preliminary, you could vote for up to 10 girls. For this preliminary, you can now vote for up to 12 girls. Instead of the top 12 girls going to the next round, it will be top 24 girls (plus ties) from each of the four groups. Unlike the first preliminary, anyone outside of the top 24 will be out of the tournament.

It’s a bit harder to predict who will advance in these preliminaries, but I would say that if a girl was in the top 20 or if a girl is part of an anime series that is doing very well, they should be able to get in. So, some girls that could make it today are BakaTest’s Miharu, Fate/stay night’s Sakura-chan, Sora no Woto’s Felicia, Negima’s Asuna, Macross’s Clan Clang, Kodomo no Jikan’s Kuro, Hayate’s Fumi, and Nanoha’s Raging Heart (yes, that staff that Nanoha has, as pathetic as that is seeing that staff advancing).

My votes today go to Daimaou’s Yuuko-chan, Angel Beats!’s Hitomi, Negima’s Asuna-chan, Chachamaru, and Misa, Railgun’s Tsuzuri, To Love-Ru’s Kyouko, 11eyes’s Kikuri, Sakura-chan, ToHeart2’s Maaryan, QMA’s Shalon-chan, and Fumi.

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