Anime Saimoe Tournament – First Prelims 15 of 16

Day 14 is over and Mihoko proves to be the stronger girl, narrowly beating Yamada. Here are the top 12 for group 14:

1. Fukuji Mihoko (Saki) – 446 votes

2. Yamada Aoi (WORKING!!) – 430 votes

3. Kiriya Nozumi (Mayoi Neko Overrun!) – 396 votes

4. Kanbaru Suruga (Bakemonogatari) – 277 votes

5. Oshino Shinobu (Bakemonogatari) – 268 votes

6. Fujibayashi Ryou (Clannad) – 260 votes

7. Sorami Kanata (Sora no Woto) – 259 votes

8. Senoo Kaori (Saki) – 251 votes

9. Sairenji Haruna (To Love-Ru) – 235 votes

10. Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate/stay night) – 225 votes

11. Alisa Bannings (Nanoha) – 208 votes

12. Hatori Kanon (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo) – 175 votes

Saki continues to get its girls in really easily by having Mihoko taking the round and Kaori also moving to the next round. The three other girls in this round made it to the second preliminaries. Aoi tried to win this round, but she could not catch up. Nozumi easily got third. As I expected, Suruga and Shinobu easily advanced, which means that all eight Bakemonogatari girls advanced already with another set of preliminaries still to go. Haruna-chan and Ilya-chan also advance with ease.

There are some big names, like Yui, and Mugi, and Haruhi, and Shana-chan, and Yuri. So yea, this is going to be a pretty big day. I’m going to say that this battle is mainly going to be against Yui and Yuri and to a lesser extent, Shana-chan. Even though Yuki did win her group, I don’t think Haruhi will do that well with bigger names than in Yuki’s group. During the epic match, Kanade-chan beat Mio-chan, but Kanade-chan is somewhat more popular than Yuri and Yui is sometimes more popular than Mio-chan, so this will be a good chance to see if K-On!! or Angel Beats! is the more powerful anime. Other names I see that could advance are Mayoi Neko’s Kanae, WORKING!!’s Maya, and To Love-Ru’s Yui.

My number one vote for today goes to Shana-chan because she is very cute and I love her tsundere personality. Since I’m supporting Angel Beats! and Negima!, I’ll be supporting Yuri, Hisako, Nekane, Ku Fei, and Chachamaru. I will also be supporting To Love-Ru’s Yui, 11eyes’s Yuka, Makimura-sensei, and Winry.



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