Anime Saimoe Tournament – First Prelims 13 of 16

The epic round has just ended and Hina-chan easily won this match. Here is the top 12 from this epic round:

1. Katsura Hinagiku (Hayate) – 646 votes

2. Tachibana Kanade (Angel Beats!) – 588 votes

3. Kataoka Yuuki (Saki) – 586 votes

4. Akiyama Mio (K-On!!) – 564 votes

5. Shirai Kuroko (Railgun) – 540 votes

6. Furude Rika (Higurashi) – 443 votes

7. Tsukiyomi Komoe (Railgun) – 404 votes

8. Tousaka Rin (Fate/stay night) – 358 votes

9. Chika (Hidamari Sketch) – 299 votes

10. Sakura Akari (Jewelpet Tinkle) – 271 votes

11. Haibara Ai (Detective Conan) – 258 votes

12. Wilhelmina Carmel (Shana) – 243 votes

This match was expected to be amazing and it was. Before this round, Yuki had the highest amount of votes in the preliminaries with 488. Five girls had over 500. This match was absolutely plagued by fake votes with a lot going to Mio-chan. If you included fake votes, Mio-chan won by a sizable margin, but Mio-chan ended up with forth. Hina-chan had a slight lead during all of the match (with fake votes, Hina-chan and Kanade-chan tied). Kanade-chan and Yuuki battled for second with Kanade-chan winning by a very small margin. Railgun does well again by easily sending Kuroko and Komoe-sensei into the next round. Rika-chan managed to do well also. Saimoe veteran Haibara Ai manages to also get into the next round pretty easily. Better hope that Hina-chan, Kanade-chan, and Mio-chan don’t get grouped in the same group in the knockout rounds.

Of course, this round is not going to be as exciting as yesterday’s round. The biggest name today is Fate-chan. I don’t expect her to get any place other than first today. Fumino-chan may give her a challenge, but Fate-chan is strong. Some other names I expect to do well this round are Daimaou’s Lily and Keena, Himari’s Himari-chan and Shizuku, and Higurashi’s Hanyuu.

Fumino-chan gets my number one vote today because I love when she says, “二回死ね!” and I love her personality and she’s so cute. Yuuko-chan (Junko-chan’s sister) and Lily get my Daimaou votes. Of course, I’m supporting Negima again by voting for Natsumi-chan, Kazumi, Chachazero, and Donnet McGuiness. Fate-chan, Koihime’s Ryofu-chan, and Himari-chan get my other three votes.



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