My history with anime girls/Why I like anime girls

The first time I liked an anime girl was all the way back in 1998 when Pokemon started showing in the US. When I saw Misty/Kazumi in the first episode, I instantly liked her. I thought she was cute and I also liked her personality for some reason. I never thought about this until know but it was that tsundere personality of hers that I liked. Of course, at the time (until I started college), I didn’t know the term tsundere. She was the only anime girl that I liked (I think) until 2001, when the third season of Digimon aired in the US. The next anime girl I started liking was Rika Nonaka/Makino Ruki. I liked Rika for the same reasons I liked Misty. The first non-tsundere/next anime girl I liked was Makimachi Misao (2003). She was really cute and I liked the way she acted. She was also the first anime girl I remember that I wanted to see someone cosplay. Two years later, I watched Maburaho and started liking Miyama Yuna. The next year, when I started college, I started liking a lot more anime girls. I guess that matches up with when I started watching a lot more anime and the type of anime I watched. I won’t go through all of the girls I started liking, but I’ll just go through the girls that became my favorite anime girl.

I think that Shana-chan was the next number one anime girl because of her cuteness and her tsundere-ness. Something about her saying, “Urusai, Urusai, Urusai!” got to me. Then, there is Da Capo’s Shirakawa Kotori-chan. She was cute and she was kind. Then, I started reading/watching Negima and started liking Nodoka-chan because of her cuteness and kindness, and thenYuna-chan because of her cuteness and her personality. The next number one anime girl for me was Hayate no Gotoku’s Hina-chan. She was really, really cute and I really liked her tsundere personality of hers. When K-On started, Akiyama Mio-chan shot up to the top because of her cuteness and her shy personality. And then, in June 2009, I started liking Chrome-nyan. She was so cute and her kind and shy personality really got to me. When I learned about her story, I liked her even more. She still remains my number one, though when I heard Yui-nyan’s story, she basically tied Chrome-nyan as my number one anime girl.

So why do I like anime girls? I really like cute things and cute people, so of course I would like cute anime girls. Their personality, whether they have a tsundere personality or a kind personality, is something else I like. My other reason for liking them is that I’m not able to get any real girls myself. Of course a real girl would be better to have, but anime girls won’t give me  the disappointment I’ve experienced with real girls. Anime girls fill that void that I have right now. They help me escape from that sad reality that I’ve never had a girlfriend. Call me pathetic, but until my luck changes, this is the way things will be. And even when I have a real girl, I’ll still like anime girls because I like cute things.


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