Anime Saimoe Tournament – First Prelims 11 of 16

Day 10 is over and and it was a bit of a surprise to see that Ruiko-chan won this round. Here is the top 12:

1. Saten Ruiko (Railgun) – 453 votes

2. Takei Hisa (Saki) – 397 votes

3. Takanashi Nazuna (WORKING!!) – 362 votes

4. Hanato Kobato (Kobato.) – 312 votes

5. Shiina (Angel Beats!) – 280 votes

6. Kajiki Yumi (Saki) – 211 votes

7. Someya Mako (Saki) – 211 votes

8. Suminoe Ako (Kiss×sis) – 208 votes

9. Alicia Melchiott (Senjou Valkyria) – 199 votes

10. Eve Neuschwanstein (NEEDLESS) – 181 votes

11. Mikogami Riko (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo) – 178 votes

12. Sakurazaki Setsuna (Negima!!) – 155 votes

I thought that one of the Saki girls or Nazuna-chan would take the top spot because I didn’t think that Ruiko-chan was that popular. I guess I was wrong, but I am glad to see her on the top. See Ruiko-chan, you don’t need special powers to be at the top. Obviously, Saki did really well again, sending three girls automatically into the next round. Shiina-chan also did well. Of the two Negima girls that were in this round, Secchan got enough votes to move on to round one and Haruna got enough votes to move on to the second preliminary.

Okay, so today’s group is stronger than some other groups, but nothing can compare to the next group. However, I’ll talk about that tomorrow. So, we have Nagato Yuki, which is a classic favorite and we also have Miyanagi Saki. Some new girls that are expected to do well are Hanamaru’s Koume and Bakemonogatari’s Mayoi. Uiharu, Amu-chan, Rena-chan, and Kono-chan are all in this round also. I can’t tell exactly will win right now. Yuki is a favorite, but Haruhi is not that strong compared to others. The Saki girls have been doing well, so this round could be between Saki and Yuki. But Hanamaru and Bakemonogatari are also doing really well, so Koume and Mayoi have a chance of doing really well also. And then, there is Uiharu. Could being friends with last round’s number one, Ruiko-chan, mean she will beat everyone also? So, this is going to be an interesting round to have just before the epic round that’s coming up.

My top three for today are Kono-chan (of course), Amu-chan, and Rena-chan. Uiharu, Miho (Railgun’s eyebrows girl, not that there’s anything wrong with that), Mayoi, ToHeart2’s Sango, Reborn’s Uni, QMA’s Aloe-chan, and Lala.

GO KONO-CHAN!! がんばれな!!


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