Anime Saimoe Tournament – First Prelims 9 of 16

Day 8 ended up really close, but Nagi ends up the winner for this group. Here is the top 12 for group 8:

1. Sanzenin Nagi (Hayate) – 462 votes

2. Senjougahara Hitagi (Bakemonogatari) – 461 votes

3. Maria (Hayate) – 423 votes

4. Inami Mahiru (WORKING!!) – 407 votes

5. Aizawa Sakuya (Hayate) – 343 votes

6. Umenomori Chise (Mayoi Neko Overrun!) – 336 votes

7. Asahina Mikuru (Haruhi) – 334 votes

8. Shimada Minami (BakaTest) – 314 votes

9. Akaba Chizuru (Seitokai no Ichizon) – 292 votes

10. Korone (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou) – 287 votes

11. Tsuchida Satsuki (Hanamaru Kindergarten) – 266 votes

12. Kuranuma Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke) – 249 votes

Nagi and Maria were very close to each other most of the match, but then Nagi made a move in the last several hours. Hitagi was in third for most of the match, but she managed to get a lot of votes at the end, pushing her within one vote of Nagi. Nagi, Maria, and Sakuya were expected to do well and they did. The androphobic Mahiru also managed to do well. Overall, the results are not surprising. This was a tough round, but everyone did as well as expected.

Day 9 is Chrome-nyan’s day!! I would really love to see Chrome-nyan win, but unfortunately, she doesn’t even have a good chance of making out of the preliminaries. She should at least make it to the second preliminary round, but everything depends on who she’s grouped with. Today, she’s grouped with Hayate’s Isumi-chan and Saki’s Koromo, who have good chances of winning this round. Hanamaru Kindergarten has been doing really well, so Anzu is probably going to do very well also. Seeing that Macross’s Sheryl and Ranka did well several days ago, I don’t see why Clan Clang will also do well. Hideyoshi’s twin sister, Yuuko, is in this round also. Then, there are always those threats from Koihime Musou, Seitokai no Ichizon, Mayoi Neko Overrun!, and Saki. Oh yea, Misao-chan Asura Cryin’ has a chance also. So, Chrome-nyan will be having a tough time, but hopefully, she’ll at least make it to preliminary round two and be in a very weak group.

Chrome-nyan gets vote number one of course because I love Chrome-nyan. Yui-nyan’s mom and Negima’s Sakurako-chan are also getting my votes. Yuuko, Seitokai’s Elise, Isumi-chan, Mayoi Neko’s Honoka, and QMA’s Ruquia get my other votes.


Please let Chrome-nyan do well!!!



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