Anime Saimoe Tournament – First Prelims 8 of 16

Yui-nyan soccer

Yui-nyan fought hard and at the end, she's #1 of group 7!!!

The exciting day for group 7 is over and this came down to the wire, but Yui-nyan managed to get the victory!!!!!! Here is the top 12 for group 7:

1. Yui-nyan ♥ (Angel Beats!) – 413 votes

2. Index (Railgun) – 380 votes

3. Kunihiro Hajime (Saki) – 293 votes

4. Ayuzawa Misaki (Kaichou wa Maid-sama) – 286 votes

5. Hiiragi (Hanamaru Kindergarten) – 270 votes

6. Tsuruya-san (Haruhi) – 238 votes

7. Hinagiku (Hanamaru Kindergarten) – 216 votes

8. Yin (DARKER THAN BLACK) – 215 votes

9. Jinguuji Kuesu (Omamori Himari) – 202 votes

10. Yukimura Chizuru (Hakuouki) – 200 votes

11. Evangeline (Negima) – 188 votes

12. Ushiromiya Maria (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) – 186 votes

I was watching the match most of the day and during most of the day, Index had a slight lead over Yui-nyan. Then two hours before the match ended, Yui-nyan caught up and surpassed Index. Thank god for rush votes. Saki’s Hajime ended up in third. Hanamaru Kindergarten’s Hiiragi and Hinagiku move on to the first round and so does chibi vampire Evangeline. Nothing else that exciting to note as this match was mainly between Yui-nyan and Index. Yui-nyan ♥

There are so many notable names today, it’s a bit hard to tell who will be in the top 12. I would say that formal finalist Nagi will have the biggest chance of winning, maybe. Hayate also has Maria and Sakuya in this round. BakaTest tsundere Minami-chan is in this round too (so is her younger sister, Hazuki-chan). Mayoi Neko has Chise and Kaho and there are some Saki girls also. WORKING!! has Mahiru, Daimaou has Korone, and Haruhi has Mikuru. Bakemonogatari has Hitagi, Hidamari has Sae, Seitokai has Chizuru, and Nyan Koi! has tsundere Akari-chan. This will be a hard round for some people to advance, like Negima girls Makie-chan and Takane, though Makie-chan could make it to the second prelims.

I’m going to be supporting the Shimada sisters, Minami-chan and Hazuki-chan, and the Negima girls, Maki-chan and Takane. Akari-chan, Mahiru, Chizuru, Korone, Mikuru, and Pokemon’s Hikari-chan.



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