Anime Saimoe Tournament – First Prelims 7 of 16

Day 6 is over and it’s no surprise that our Saimoe favorite Nanoha manages to win this group. Here is the top 12 for this group:

1. Nanoha (Nanoha) – 464 votes

2. Momoko Touyoko (Saki) – 424 votes

3. Haramura Nodoka (Saki) – 414 votes

4. Ikeda Kana (Saki) – 367 votes

5. Yuuki Mikan (To Love-Ru) – 349 votes

6. Kirishima Shouko (BakaTest) – 336 votes

7. Yami-chan (To Love-Ru) – 327 votes

8. Saber (Fate/stay night) – 252 votes

9. Eruru (Utawarerumono) – 224 votes

10. Souya Yuki (Taishou Yakyuu Musume) – 214 votes

11. Sheryl Nome (Macross) – 206 votes

12. Ranka Lee (Macross) – 194 votes

Well, little Nanoha was strong back then and she is still strong right now. Saki easily managed to get the next three spots, which is also no surprise. To LoveRu’s Mikan-chan and Yami-chan also made it to the next round. Aruru made it to the next round yesterday, so it wasn’t any surprise that her sister, Eruru also made it today. Saber-chan, BakaTest’s Shouko, Macross’s Sheryl and Ranka, and Taishou Yakyuu Musume’s Yuki all easily made it to round one.

All I have to say for this round is YUI-NYAN!!! Well, she might have a little bit of competition with Saki’s Hajime and a lot more competition from Index-chan. All I will say is that Yui-nyan will make it to the next round and I hope she does really, really well in this tournament. Koihime Muso might also get someone in. Negima’s Evangeline has a chance today to advance as there aren’t that many big names.

Yui-nyan is my favorite character other than Chrome-nyan, so why would I not vote for her. I’m also voting for the other Angel Beats! girl, Hitomi, who only appeared for several minutes in episode 12. The two Negima girls, Evangeline and Fuuka also get my vote. Haruue-chan and Index-chan will be getting my Railgun votes. My other three votes are FMA’s Nina Tucker, TOS’s Colette, and Nanoha’s Arf.




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