Anime Saimoe Tournament – First Prelims 3 of 16

Day 2 of the first preliminary did not bring any surprises as expected. I said that this round was Mikoto-chan’s round to take and guess what, she won with 120 more votes than second place Fujibayashi Kyou. Here is the top 12 of day 2:

1. Misaka Mikoto (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun) – 422 votes

2. Fujibayashi Kyou (CLANNAD) – 302 votes

3. Hiro (Hidamari Sketch) – 258 votes

4. Mizuno Kaede (Nyan Koi!) – 233 votes

5. Takanashi Kozue (WORKING!!) – 180 votes

6. Yoshida Kazumi (Shakugan no Shana S) – 178 votes

7. Togame (Katanagatari) – 164 votes

7. Mishima Akane (Kampfer) – 164 votes

9. Daichi Kaoru (Ladies vs Butlers) – 154 votes

10. Ayase Yue (Negima!) – 147 votes

11. Shirafuji Kyouko (WORKING!!) – 137 votes

12. Houjouin Seika (Princess Lover!) – 127 votes

There wasn’t any big names in this round with the exception of Mikoto-chan and Ryou. Hidamari Sketch and Shakugan no Shana showed that they’re still strong by sending Hiro and Kazumi into the next round. And WORKING!! continued to show it’s strength this round by sending Kozue and Kyouko into the next round. Yue showed her popularity by becoming the first Negima girl to go to the first round this year. The other two girls, Fuuka and Chizuru, get enough votes to go to the second preliminary.

Bakemonogatari will probably send their two girls in this round into the main rounds. Hidamari Sketch and Koihime Muso might be able to send more people into this round. Hayate no Gotoku!! has several girls (Izumi-chan, Miki, Saki) in this round and there is a good chance that they can send at least one of them into the next round. There is also a good chance that Sora no Otoshimono’s Sohara will follow Ikaros’s footsteps and head into the next round. Maybe Kiss x Sis’s Riko can also make it to the next round. Baka to Test’s Miharu might be able to advance, but we’ll see. Angel Beats! does have three girls (actually four when you think about it): Hatsune (Otonashi’s little sister), Yuri’s two little sisters (which is one vote), and GirlDeMo’s Sekine. They aren’t strong characters, but there is a good chance that all of them will at least go to the second preliminary.

Who will I vote for? I’m continuing my support of Angel Beats! by voting for all three/four AB girls. Izumi-chan is someone I like so of course I’ll vote for them. The other six I’m supporting are Haru and Lal from Reborn, Elicia Hughes and Mei Chang from FMA, Sohara, and Riko.


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