Anime Saimoe Tournament – Predictions and First Prelims 1 of 16

Now that every girl that could be nominated has been nominated and now that the preliminaries are about to start, I will be talking about some notable anime girls in the tournament and who has a chance of winning.

First, I’ll talk about interesting “old” anime that I noticed. Trigun existed even before Saimoe began…I think, but this year, since there was a new Trigun movie, Trigun has some girls in the list, making it their first time Saimoe. The Inuyasha girls are in again after some time because of the new/final series and Dragonball has some girls also. Those girls probably don’t have a chance of even moving on to the next round. Maybe one or two will advance, but otherwise, they don’t have a chance. The same goes on for the girls from Bleach and Naruto. The only girl that seems to keep on going to the knockout rounds is Haibara Ai from Detective Conan. She won’t win, but at least she’ll probably advance.

Now to series that actually have a chance. Yui and Mio-chan from K-On! probably has one of the highest chances of winning. Kanade-chan and Yui-nyan (more so Kanade-chan) has a good chance of winning everything too. Nanoha and Fate are back this year and they are back to the way they were when we first saw them so they have a decent chance of winning. Shana-chan is also back and she also might have some chance this year. Saki and Higurashi did well in previous years and have a chance this year, though new anime may have taken over their popularity. Misaka Mikoto-chan and Katsura Hina-chan are probably the best hopes of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and Hayate no Gotoku. Seitokai no Ichizon, Baka to Test, and WORKING!! may have a chance, but there are more popular girls that can easily beat them (in the case of BakaTest, it seems like Hideyoshi is more popular than all the girls there). Bakemonogatari may also have a chance, what kind of chance I can’t really tell right now. I guess we’ll see what happens first in the preliminaries.

Now to the first of the first preliminaries. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun has 2 girls in this first group: Banri-chan (little girl that Kiyama-sensei took care of) and Mitsuko (annoying girl that is more annoying than Kuroko). Bleach has Rukia, FMA has Tricia Elric and Ran Fan, Inuyasha has Kikyo and Kagura, Trigun has Milly Thompson, Haruhi has Ryouko, Sora no Otoshimono has Ikaros, Nanoha has Lindy Hallaoun and Alicia Testarossa, Bakemonogatari has Tsubasa and Nadeko, etc. Saki, Ikkitousen, One Piece, Pokemon, and even Dora the Explorer (WTF, don’t even ask me) has some girls. Negima has some girls in this first group (Anya, Madoka, Mana) and so does Angel Beats! (Iwasawa and Irie of GirlDeMo). Mion, Poplar-chan, Azu-nyan, and Kurimu-chan are probably the most popular of this list. If you want some weird anime girls in this list, we have the Go Club president from K-On and the maid with the emperor’s seal stamped on her butt from Souten Kouro. Yea, they have a lot of minor characters, really, really minor characters.

Who will I attempt to vote for Friday (Thursday afternoon here)? For this first preliminaries, you’re allowed to vote for 10 characters, so I plan to vote for Banri-chan, Azu-nyan, Poplar-chan, the three Negima girls (Anya, Madoka-chan, Mana), the two GirlDeMo members (Iwasawa, Irie), Kurimu-chan, and Ryouko-chan.

For those that want to try to vote, you can look here to find out how to vote. Remember that it’ll be hard to vote because it is in Japanese (for those that don’t know Japanese) and in past years, they’ve banned foreign and proxy IP addresses.



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