K-On!! 14

K-On!!There are some people that don’t like shows like K-On!!, but I’m one of those people that like watching K-On!!. There are a handful of shows that are better than K-On!!, but hey, are you forgetting who I am? I’m the guy that likes watching anime with cute anime girls, so let’s go on to the 14th episode of K-On!! and it’s new opening and ending songs.

Mugi's eyebrows are actually pickled radishes

If you feel like eating pickled radishes, just eat Mugi's eyebrows...

Mugi jelly

...but remember that without eyebrows, she becomes Mugi Jelly.

Summer classes are about to start, so most of the gang is studying right now. Mio-chan is studying alone at home, Yui is dreaming about Mugi’s pickled radish eyebrows with Nodoka studying in her house, and Azu-nyan is hanging out with Ui, not having to worry about studying. However, Ritsu-chan does not want to study, so she tries to recruit Mio-chan to hang out with her. Even though Ritsu-chan and Mio-chan are close, Mio-chan chooses studying over Ritsu-chan. Then, Ritsu-chan notices Mugi nearby and tries to surprise her. Unfortunately for Ritsu, Mugi noticed her already and she ends up surprising Ritsu-chan.

RitsuMugi scare


Since both of them were not doing anything, they decide to hang out. They decide to go to the arcade because Mugi usually has better things to than to go to the arcade. Mugi starts asking left and right what certain games are and shows that she is stronger than Ritsu in a arm wrestling arcade game. Ritsu-chan helps Mugi get a stuffed doll in a UFO catcher machine and the two get picture taken. Then, Ritsu-chan and Mugi go to a candy store, where Mugi is surprised about the inexpensiveness of the candy. Meanwhile, Yui offers Nodoka some of her cake and becomes devastated after Nodoka eats the strawberry on the cake, which causes her to call Azu-nyan to see what she think about what Nodoka did. When we get back to Ritsu-chan and Mugi, they are taking about spending money and how Mio-chan punched her once because she wanted to buy things after Mio-chan agreed to loan her money. After hearing that story, Mugi wants Ritsu-chan to punch her, which ends up being impossible doing.

Ritsu can't punch Mugi

Do you think you can punch Mugi? I think not.

The next day, Mio-chan, Ritsu-chan, Yui, and Mugi  start their summer classes. Mio-chan, forgetting she didn’t need to wear her school uniform, wore her school uniform. Ritsu ends up making fun of her for that. Mugi shows up last, wearing a summer dress with the tag still on it. It seems weird that she does that but Ritsu figures out that Mugi is continuing her quest for a hit. She tries to do other things that would get Mio-chan to hit her but to no avail.

Mio-chan crying

Mio-chan is really cute when she cries.

When they get to school, Azu-nyan notices that there is an extra piece of cake and they decide to play a game to decide who gets the extra cake, with the loser getting flicked in the forehead. Mugi tries to lose, but ends up winning. Then, Mugi decides to eat the strawberry on Mio-chan’s cake, hoping that she will get hit, but Mio-chan ends up crying. Everyone then finds out what Mugi wants so Mio-chan tries to punch her, but of course, she can’t. Mugi gives up on her quest and thanks Ritsu-chan for being a good friend. She also mentions that Ritsu-chan would be popular if she were a guy, which Ritsu-chan responds with a punch. Success! Ritsu-chan talks to Mio-chan about her adventure with Mugi and Mio-chan gets angry because she wanted to hang out with Mugi.

Ritsu and Mugi picture



Mio-chan looks cute in a ponytail. Why can’t she do that outside of her house? Mio-chan also looks cute when she’s angry and when she’s crying. Ritsu-chan is also cute.

It was nice seeing a Ritsu-chan-centered-ish episode because you don’t really get a lot of that.

It’s amazing how Mugi hasn’t done a lot of stuff. I guess that having money causes people to do less fun things. It’s also amazing how Mugi wants someone to punch her. I would probably get angry if someone punched me, but for her, it’s a good experience. Weird…

Yui is so funny with her weird dreams. I think this is the second time that Yui has dreamed about Mugi’s eyebrows. It’s also funny how Yui’s day could be ruined by something as simple as someone eating the strawberry on her cake. I guess I wouldn’t be happy if someone did that. I like how Yui nicked Azusa as Azu-nyan. It’s such a cute way of nicknaming a girl. I guess that’s why I started using ‘-nyan’ for some people like Chrome-nyan (Reborn) and Yui-nyan (Angel Beats!, not K-On!…Yui-nyan came up with that nickname for herself, but still…Yui-nyan!).

Now to the new songs. I don’t really like the new OP or ED that much, but I will say that they’re both much better than the first OP, GO! GO! MANIAC. I couldn’t stand that song and I would always skip the OP during the first 13 episodes of this season because I didn’t like the song. Though I do usually skip the OP and ED ofm any show, that’s mostly for time constraints (because we all know that I’m very busy). I don’t understand why GO! GO! MANIAC is doing better than Listen!! in terms of CD single sales.

Something I noticed, I like Mio-chan’s songs (the three ending songs: Don’t Say “Lazy”, Listen!!, and No, Thank You!) better than Yui’s songs (the three opening songs: Cagayake!GIRLS, GO! GO! MANIAC, and Utauyo!!MIRACLE), with Listen!! being the best song of those six. It’s such a good song.

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  1. Katrina
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 22:06:20

    RitsuMugi! I now support Mio x Ritsu x Mugi.
    LOL pickled radishes.
    I like Mio’s songs better too.
    K-ON OP ED list (favoritism order)
    Don’t Say “Lazy”
    Cagayake! GIRLS and NO, Thank You! (tie)
    GO! GO! MANIAC and Utauyo! MIRACLE (tie)


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