Anime Saimoe Tournament 2010

My favorite 3 months of the year is about to start. It’s not because of the heat because I don’t really like the heat (especially the 102° heat I’m seeing right now). It’s because the Anime Saimoe Tournament is about to start. For those who don’t know what this tournament is, it is basically the top anime girls from anime this year (last July until now) fighting for the title of the most moe character. For those who don’t know what moe is, I suggest you look that up. In the last week and a half, anime girls were nominated to enter this year’s tournament and starting on Friday (actually, Thursday afternoon here), the three-week long preliminaries start to decide who actually goes on to the knock-out stages.

Why do I like this tournament? It’s because I get to support my anime girls and hope that they hit the top, so of course, I won’t be that happy if my favorite girls lose. It’s been a bit frustrating the past several years because it’s become harder for foreigners like me to vote. The place where you vote, 2channel, is not really a foreign-friendly place and because of an incident several years back and because of fake votes, they’ve blocked foreign and proxy IP adresses. That won’t stop me from cheering on my anime girls, but it does make it harder for me to show my support, which is why I’ll support them here, especially if I can’t vote.

So now, I’ll go through the last four years I’ve observed Saimoe:

2006: This is the first year I followed Saimoe and in the previous year, Takamachi Nanoha won the tournament, which is no surprise. Both Nanoha and Fate were favorites, but so were those from Rosen Maiden and they were looking for revenge since they lost to Nanoha in that final round. Other favorites were Shana-chan, the Haruhi girls, Fate/Stay Night‘s Rin-chan and the Higurashi girls. There was no way that Nanoha and Fate could both make it to the finals because they ended up at the same block. Fate ended up annihilating Nanoha in the block finals. Haruhi ended up having their three favorites, Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru, in the same block, with Yuki and Haruhi in the same side of that block. Yuki defeated Haruhi and also defeated Mikuru in the block finals. The final eight girls were all from different shows. Shana-chan, School Rumble‘s Eri-chan, Rosen Maiden‘s Suiseiseki, and Yuki were in one side and Fate, Utawarerumono‘s Eruru, Strawberry Panic!‘s Chikaru, and Rin were on the other side. Fate easily made it to the finals. Shana-chan defeated Eri-chan with a comfortable margin and Suiseiseki defeated Yuki with some trouble at the beginning. Suiseiseki defeated Shana-chan but had a tough time getting that victory. The final battle was tough for Fate and Suiseiseki. Fate had a slight lead for the first half, then it was even, with Suiseiseki taking a slight lead and keeping that lead at the end, defeating Fate 2306-2239.

2007: This is the tournament that made the Japanese angry. Nanoha and Rosen Maiden again had some advantage for the third year. Higurashi had a larger advantage this year than the previous year. Hayate and Lucky Star had a big showing in their first year. Who was I rooting for? Well, I supported Hina-chan, Shana-chan, the Nagasarete Airantou girls, and the Negima girls. Negima had all 31 members of Class 2-A and several others in the tournament two years ago but didn’t have a strong showing. In 2007, they only managed to get 12 girls in the main tournament. Shana-chan had an interesting time in her block. In the first round, she ended up tying Eva from Negima and in the group finals, she ended up losing to Hayate‘s Nagi by a very small margin. Lucky Star‘s Konata had an easy time going through her group, defeating Negima‘s Konoka-chan easily in the group finals. Both Nanoha and Vita both had to face each other in their group finals, with Nanoha winning easily. In that same block, Hina-chan ended up knocked out in the second round, which really didn’t make me happy. Rosen Maiden had a strong showing again but was only able to get one girl to the final eight. In the final eight, Nanoha was barely defeated by Higurashi‘s Rena-chan and Nagi defeated Konata, with Nagi deating Rena in the semifinals. Higurashi‘s Rika advanced to the finals, barely surviving the semifinals by 5 votes. So this is where things get dicey. In Japan, Nagi was the clear favorite, but Rika had a strong following outside of Japan, so at the end, Rika won. The regulars of 2channel were angry and they wanted to ban foreign votes.

2008: Nanoha is on their third series around this time, but they’re much weaker than the previous years. Higurashi is still strong, but there’s still some that want some revenge from the previous year. So, Lucky Star is the clear favorite, with Clannad, Bamboo Blade, Shana-chan, and Hina-chan right behind and that’s how the final eight looked liked, except Shana-chan lost in the group final against Bamboo Blade‘s Kawazoe Tamaki. The final eight was interesting, with the Hiiragi sisters in opposite sides of the bracket. Kagami-chan had an easier job getting to the final, while Tsukasa-chan had Hina-chan in her side of the bracket, but Tsukasa-chan won by a comfortable 41 votes. This was the first final since 2004 with anime girls from the same show and this was the first final ever with (twin) sisters. I was rooting for Kagami-chan to win and guess who won…Kagami-chan!!! 1037-976

2009: Last year’s tournament was ruled by the girls from K-On! and Saki. Three other girls that caught my eye were Hayate no Gotoku!!’s Katsura Hinagiku, Toradora!‘s Aisaka Taiga, and To Aru Majutsu no Index‘s Misaka Mikoto. I thought Hina-chan and K-On!‘s Mio-chan would have gone far, but Hina-chan had the unfortunate luck of have K-On!‘s Hirasawa Yui on her group and on her side of the brackets, so she ended up knocked out in the third round. Mio was the assumed favorite since she was so popular at the time, but she was knocked out by Minami-ke‘s Minami Kana in the first round. When the group stages were over, four of the eight slots were taken by the Saki girls. Taiga-chan and Yui also made it to the final eight and it was those two that would fight in the finals. Yui had the lead in the beginning hours of the final round, but Taiga-chan took a slight lead after that and never lost that, winning 1332-1278. Hey, I was glad because I liked Taiga-chan much more than Yui.

When the list of characters come out in the next day or so, I will try analyzing who has the advantage this year. Until then, GO CHROME-NYAN, YUI-NYAN, AND KANADE-CHAN!!!


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