Shukufuku no Campanella 1

祝福のカンパネラI like cute things. The same goes for anime. If I cute anime catches my eye, I will watch it. So that is why I decided to try Shukufuku no Campanella. I’ve heard of Campanella before since it is an eroge (no, I don’t really play those) and I saw images of it before.

Minette beginning

Minette when we first meet her

In the beginning, we meet this cute, mysterious, sleeping girl, Minette. She is waiting for the day she opens her eyes and vows that the first person she sees she would fill with joy and become part of their family.


What a nice city! It would be a nice place to live in.

We then are introduced to the thriving city-state of Eltaria and the Oasis clan. We meet the maid, Nina Lindberg, and the main character, Leicester Maycraft. Then, Carina Verritti, the master of Oasis, enters, hoping that she could wake up Leicester. She’s disappointed that she’s not even the first one to greet him, but she’s suddenly happy when he holds her hand. Leicester and Carina are walking when they meet Agnes Boulange and her self-moving puppets, known as automaton (which requires “Eru” to work), performing a circus act. Carina becomes part of this circus after Agnes “volunteers” her. After the circus, Leicester, Carina, and Agnes go to a place to eat, where Leicester and Carina learn that Agnes is from Franbreeze and is planning to stay in Eltaria until the annual harvest going on there ends. Carina offers Agnes to stay in Oasis and she agrees. Observing the three from the roof of another house is sisters Salsa and Ritos Tortilla, who decide to follow them to watch a meteor shower going on during the night.

Oasis and Others

Yeah! Time to go watch the meteor shower.

Leicester and others go back to Oasis, where they meet Shelley Maycraft, Leicester’s mother who likes to show a lot of affection towards her son. They then notice a lost Chelsea Arcot, a member of the Holy Knights that they noticed earlier while eating and a good friend of Shelley, and invite her in. After that, they decide to go to the roof of the church in Eltaria to watch the meteor shower.

Salsa and Ritos

The Tortilla sisters: Ritos and Salsa. Salsa (the one on the right) is pretty cute.

Shelley starts to show a lot of affection towards Leicester when Salsa and Ritos show up to stop that (because Salsa and Ritos [and also Carina] like them). Shelley invites the two to join them, but Ritos declines the invitation, claiming they have a better place to watch the meteor shower.


What would you do if that was headed towards you?

They finally get to the top of the church and watch the meteor shower, but they notice a meteor much larger than the other meteors heading towards them. Shelley is not surprised and say that the meteors are made of “Eru” and is heading to the spire of the church. Leicester decides to run towards the spire and inside the room in the spire, he meets the sleeping Minette, who wakes up and calls him Papa.


First thing I have to say: Leicester is so damn lucky. He has plenty of girls that like him and want to be his bride. I wish I had that luck.

I like the graphics and I find the girls cute, especially Carina and Salsa. I find it interesting that Shelley knows Agnes’ name even before she introduces herself. I also find it interesting that Shelley is not surprised about the meteor. I would like to find out why.

Okay, I know that some people don’t like this type of anime, but I like this type of anime, so of course I will continue watching it and writing about it.

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