Going to Anime Expo 2011

Okay, so this year’s Anime Expo has not ended yet, but I’ve decided I should have enough money to go to Anime Expo next year and so I will be going to Anime Expo 2011. I did say I was going in an earlier post but I’m making it “official.” Actually, making it really official would be buying the ticket to the convention and buying the airplane ticket to LA, but I’m really going to start setting this ball into motion.

So, there are three things for me to worry about now. The first thing is find people to go with. Of course, I could go alone like usual, but it would be nice if I could go with other people. This would mean I would need to make new friends, which I have a tough time doing. I guess I should try joining the various anime organizations at Rutgers and making new friends.

The next thing is to decide whether to stay in LA for a week or two weeks. This LA trip is supposed to be followed by a trip to Tokyo for a week, but of course, money is an issue for that trip. So, if I decide I won’t have enough money to go, is two weeks too much time in LA? I still have plenty of time for that.

The third thing is the hotel issue. I know people that live in the area, but it’d be a lot of trouble for them and for me to go to and from the LA Convention Center for four days, so a hotel is best. Where do I stay? What is the cheapest place to stay that is still good to stay in? Will I be going with anyone else? I have some time for that too, but hotel rooms can sometimes go quickly, so I should be a little worried.

I guess I should think more about the next convention coming up for me, which is NYAF, but when next July comes around, you’ll be seeing me in LA.

UPDATE (July 6 @ 12:40 AM): I just bought the tickets so it’s basically official now. I got it for only $45 and until July 8, it will be that price. Then, it’ll be $50 until the end of November.


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  1. HooperCross
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 20:21:55

    Two weeks in LA is a long time for sure (I am a So cal resident, LA seems pretty boring to me now :<), but if you are planning on staying for two weeks, check out little tokyo- theres also Royal/t cafe- which is a maid theme cafe.

    As for hotels, the closer you are to the convention center the better off you are. I went last year and I stayed at a hotel a ways off (for the life of me I can't remember its name) and the shuttles where a PAIN IN THE BUTT. Some nights I waited there for 2 hours just to get on. Yes, the shuttles pass came with the 4 day pass but still they were super annoying. If you're going to stay with a group of more than 2, most hotels charge a fee, it's around 25 dollars extra a day. My group of 4 found this out the day we checked out… and we booked our room through the expo site, so we were all pretty irritated that they didn't include the information before hand.

    Best of luck! And hope to see you in LA!


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