Top 10 Female Characters

If  you happened to see my list of favorite anime characters, you can see that I like anime girls. Anime girls are just so cute. I like real girls too; it’s just that I’ve never been lucky with them, so until I get lucky in that front, I’ll continue to like anime girls and even if I have a girlfriend, I’ll still like anime girls.

This list changes sometimes, especially when a good character comes up. I’m probably going to go through that whole list explaining why I like each of those characters, but for now, I’m going to go through my top 10:

10. Akashi Yuuna [ 明石裕奈 ] (Negima)


#10 - Yuuna-chan (裕奈ちゃん)

Yuuna-chan was actually my number one in the past. Well, she’s cute and her personality got my attention.

9. Katsura Hinagiku [ 桂ヒナギク ] (Hayate no Gotoku!)


#9 - Hina-chan (ヒナちゃん)

One thing you’ll learn about me, I like tsundere characters. She is a cute kendo girl that is afraid of heights and is unable to express her feelings towards Hayate because she sees it as a defeat.

8. Sasaki Makie [ 佐々木まき絵 ] (Negima)


#8 - Maki-chan (まきちゃん)

Also known as Baka Pink, she is not smart, but she is very cute. She likes her 10 year old teacher, Negi Springfield, and shows that she cares for him.

7. Misaka Mikoto [ 御坂美琴 ] (To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)


#7 - Mikoto-chan (美琴ちゃん)

Tsundere #2! She is a level 5 electromaster (meaning she’s one of the strongest in Academy City), very cute, and cares about her friends. She attends a famous girl’s school in Academy City and even though she’s supposed to be lady-like, she actually isn’t.  She didn’t like how Touma, the main character of Index, could easily survive her attacks and is always finding ways for a rematch. She does like him, but she refuses to think that. Her mannerisms are very cute, like her attraction to cute and childish things.

6. Shimada Minami [ 島田美波 ] (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)


#6 - Minami-chan (美波ちゃん)

Another tsundere that I like. She’s the reason why I started watching Baka to Test. She likes the main character, Yoshii, but it usually doesn’t seem that way since she always attacks him. I don’t know why, but ponytails and another certain feature of hers attracts me.

5. Hattori Junko [ 服部絢子 ] (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou)


#5 - Junko-chan (絢子ちゃん)

The fourth tsundere in this list, so far. She is very cute and is the reason why I started watching Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. She liked Akuto, the main character, until she found out that he would turn out to be the demon king in the future. She wanted to kill him, but of course, she does still like him. I don’t need to say much more.

4. Serizawa Fumino [ 芹沢文乃 ] (Mayoi Neko Overrun!)


#4 - Fumino-chan (文乃ちゃん)

She’s the top tsundere girl in my list. Shimapan-wearing Fumino-chan is very cute, but I also like that personality of hers. Whenever she gets angry, she says, “Die Twice!” (二回死ね!) and she is unable to really express what she feels, usually saying the opposite of what she thinks. She likes Takumi, the main character, but she can never express that and whenever she does, she makes it sounds like it’s not true. So for now, she remains the top of my tsundere list.

3. Tachibana Kanade [ 立華奏 ] (Angel Beats!)


#3 - Kanade-chan (かなでちゃん)

Actually, she was the reason I started watching Angel Beats! She is so cute, but so misunderstood by the members of the SSS. She really means no harm and only fights to defend. She seems emotionless, but the last episode showed that that’s not true at all! I wish I could meet someone like her.

2. Yui [ ユイ ] (Angel Beats!)


#2 - Yui-nyan (ユイにゃん)

When I first saw Yui-nyan, she seemed a bit annoying, but she was really cute. What pushed her to near the top was the last episode she was actually in. It explained why she’s so energetic and why she wants to do everything. That last part with her was so emotional and it was great that she was able to do everything that she couldn’t do in the past. As a sidenote, she said that she believed that no one would marry her because she couldn’t do anything. If I were to meet someone like her, I wouldn’t have any reason not to marry her. So who cares if you’re a paraplegic, as long as you’re nice and kind, I would absolutely marry that person.

1. Chrome Dokuro [ クローム髑髏] (Katekyou Hitman REBORN!)


#1 - Chrome-nyan (クロームにゃん)

The first time I saw Chrome-nyan was while I was going through the vendors in AnimeNEXT 2009. I saw a keychain of her and I had to get it. Shortly after, I started watching Reborn. It took some time before I saw her in the show, but when she did, she instantly became my number one character. Chrome-nyan is so cute and so nice and so kind. Her past is also very sad. When she was still known as Nagi (凪), she was critically injured, losing her right eye and some of her organs. Her parents didn’t care for her and if it weren’t for Mukuro Rokudo (by the way, I don’t like Mukuro), she wouldn’t be alive. She is always kind, but she is unaccustomed to kindness from others, so she get’s confused whenever Tsuna and others are kind to her. For her kindness, her cuteness, and her sad past, I don’t see why she wouldn’t be my number one.

So in summary, I usually start watching an anime whenever I see a cute girl in it. There are really two types of girls that I like: kind girls and tsundere girls (of course in both cases, they have to be cute also), but in my case, kind girls usually the best.


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  1. AK
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 18:43:36

    Mostly recently-aired tsunderes, I see…


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