Angel Beats!

Tenshi Battle

Battle against the replicas, except, doesn't it look like Yuri is a replica of Haruhi?

When I first saw something about Angel Beats!, the first thing I thought was, that person (Yuri) looks too much like Haruhi. I had nothing against Haruhi series, but I thought either this new anime is going to be a copycat of Haruhi or I’m not going to like this just because that character looks like Haruhi. So, I ended up not watching it at first. And then, I saw pictures of Tenshi. Something you should know about me, I tend to start watching new anime whenever I see a cute girl in it. So, I started to watch Angel Beats! and unlike some shows, I totally don’t regret watching it.

So, for those who’ve never watched Angel Beats! and want to know some things about it, Angel Beats! is about Otonashi, a student that suddenly wakes up to a place unknown to him. The place he wakes up in is basically Purgatory-like school, where students with regrets in their past life  try to move on. Otonashi wakes up to find a girl, Yuri, with a  sniper rifle trying to recruit him to the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen = Afterlife War Front). Their goal is to attack God for the problems they had in their past life and their target is Tenshi, believing that listening to the student council president will make them disappear. After Tenshi attacks Otonashi, Otonashi decides to cautiously decides to join the SSS.

Throughout the series, we get to go through the lives of the SSS and some of their lives before they ended up in Purgatory. We also get to see the progress they make in fulfilling their dreams and changes in the relationship they have with Tenshi, of course, with some plot twists thrown at them. I don’t want to go through everything because I think it would be best if you watch this series.


I find it funny that I actively avoided Angel Beats! for several episodes because after going through the series (almost twice for me already), I’d rate Angel Beats! as one of the best anime I’ve seen. First of all, the character designs and the designs of everything else was excellent. Sure if I were nit-picky about the smallest of design problems, I could probably find some, but anything has that problem and I don’t tend to do that.

Sound-wise, I’d also rate that at the top also. I really liked the OP, My Soul, Your Beats!, the ED, Brave Song, and the way they changed the animation of those depending on who was there and what was happening. I also liked some of the songs of Girls Dead Monster (the diversionary girl band in the SSS), like Little Braver. The songs and the sounds in the series fitted perfectly with what was going on in the series. I especially liked the end of episode 10, when they played Ichiban no Takaramono because the scene was very emotional and the song was also very emotional, which actually made me cry.

Story-wise, I’d rate that as a maybe 9.9/10. I really liked the concept of a Purgatory-like place where people fulfill their dreams or fight against God for their past. I especially like the stories of some of the characters before they died. I’d say the Otonashi’s story is probably the most touching of those stories because he worked to help people until the very end. It makes me wonder if I should also be an organ donor also in order to help save others. Yui-nyan’s before-death story and the life she had after death is probably the most touching. The only problem I had with Angel Beats! is that it was too short. It is one of the few anime I can say is too short. Even the producer said that 13 episodes was not enough to tell the whole story. They rushed the story a bit and there were some people I liked to know the stories of, like TK and Shiina. I guess that’s why they have a manga, to go through the story that couldn’t be told.

I believe that as long as you don’t have a distaste for emotional stuff, I absolutely would suggest watching this anime.


Yui-nyan will get mad if you don't at least try watching Angel Beats!

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  1. sgainc!
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 06:34:41

    makes the case for good bloggin’.


  2. Anime
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 01:36:37

    i agree! Great blog guys! ❤


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