Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 1


My name is Aisaka Taiga. Don't call me flat chested!

It’s the beginning of the summer anime season. Not that much has shown up in my radar, but one anime I’ve decided to try is Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi (オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち). It’s another one of those love-comedy anime that I seem to get hooked on, but we’ll see about that. So, this anime is about Ookami Ryouko (大神涼子), a feisty high school girl that is part of the Otogi Academy Mutual Student Aid Organization (Otogi Gakuen Gakusei Sougofujo Kyoukai), or Otogi Bank (Otogi Ginkou) for short. Basically, this organization is like a bank that handles only loans, hence it’s nickname. You ask for favors from them and in return, you repay the favor at a later date.

Neko Neko Punch

Cute, yet deadly

She and fellow member/friend, Akai Ringo, are following a stalker that they need to deal with. With the help of Ryouko’s Neko Neko Knuckles (cute neko punching gloves) and a rock projectile, they are able to deal with the stalker easily. They go back to the club where we meet the four other members of the organization, Kiriki Liszt, Kiriki Alice, Tsurugaya Otsuu, Urashima, and Otohime, that is in need of a new male member. While walking back from a boxing place, Ryouko hears someone saying that he likes her and after some time, she finds that Morino Ryoushi, an anthrophobic and scopophobic guy from her class, is the one confessing. She eventually leaves him be but after Ringo does some research on him, she decides to recruit him for Otogi Bank because of his hiding skills. Ryouko does not accept him, but the other members give him a chance to show his good side to Ryouko by giving him the task of preventing a member of the tennis team from quitting (which entails preventing his resignation paper from being completed), a favor that was asked by a girl that didn’t want him to quit.

The Scared Morino Ryoushi

Doesn't he remind me of myself? Shy, scared of people, his confessions don't work? Yup, that's me.

After several failed attempts, the only way to stop him from quitting is by preventing him from getting to the student council and handing in the paper. Unable to get there by running, Morino and the girl that requested the favor use a bike with a pumpkin coach and blindfolds (because of Morino’s phobias) from Majo, another member of Otogi Bank. With some direction from the girl, they are able to reach him, only to find out that the brakes on the bike don’t work. After Morino crashes the bike, the girl is able to stop the tennis player from quitting with an amazing kick. The request was fulfilled, only leaving the girl’s shoe behind.

Morino hit by pipe

Maybe that's what I have to do to get a girl to like me.

After the ordeal, Ryouko and Ringo walk back from school where they meet the stalker from the beginning and some of his friends. Just as the stalker is about to hit Ryouko with a pipe, Morino faces his fears and acts as a shield, taking the blow from the pipe. After that, Ryouko finally accepts him.


There are three things I noticed about this anime. First thing might be obvious to people that watched Toradora. Ryouko looks like an older Taiga-chan, except a year younger. She looks older, but she has that tsundere-like personality that Taiga-chan had. She also basically has no chest like Taiga-chan (both of them would get angry at me right now for saying that). Second thing I noticed was the reference to fairy tails, like Ringo being Little Red Riding Hood, Ryouko being the wolf (in name only, since ookami = wolf), and the various Cinderella references, like the pumpkin coach, the glass slipper (or in our case, the sneaker), and the fitting of that slipper (at the very end of the episode after the ED). Third thing I noticed was Prince of Tennis reference. I actually haven’t read or watched Prince of Tennis, but that reference was pretty obvious.

I think I will continue to watch Ookami-san because it is pretty interesting and also, there isn’t much to watch right now. One thing that is interesting is the way that Morino talks (ending everything with っす). One thing I don’t think I’ll get used to is hearing Kuroko (from the To Aru series) because I don’t like her. But you know, I was able to watch all of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun even with Kuroko in it, so I have no reason not to continue watching this show.

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