Cosplay and Conventions

Before I start, I just wanted to say that I updated my about page, so you can look at that if you want.


Many years ago, back when I was in high school, I wanted to cosplay and I wanted to go to anime cons. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that money that allowed me to do any of those things. Actually, one Halloween, probably in junior or senior of high school, I dressed up as Hibiki Tokai from Vandread. That’s probably the closest I went to cosplaying (actually, maybe I did cosplay a bit, but that was that one short time). There were many characters I wanted to cosplay, but the one thing that really caught my eye was the girl cosplayers. Their costumes really caught my eye, because there are a lot of female characters that I like. I also like seeing maid, miko, and other various cosplays. Call me weird, but I like those cosplays. I also guess that would be one of the two reasons that I wanted to go to conventions, so I could see those cosplays (or actually be with a girl that cosplays, which is impossible in my case). The other reason is that I saw pictures and video from conventions and I guess I wanted to take part in that.

So, nothing happened until September 2008. On September 27, 2008,  I went to my first convention ever. I went with several of my friends to the New York Anime Festival. I was able to make a new friend and I was able to experience something I didn’t think I would ever experience. It was a great experience that day and I also ended up getting ears (the same ears that are on my Rutgers hat today).

I’ve been to four other conventions after that day: Mokucon 2008 (the first anime con at Rutgers), AnimeNEXT 2009 (last con I went with other people), NYAF 2009, and AnimeNEXT 2010. Each of those conventions were great in it’s own way. The last two conventions I went were great (NYAF 2009 had AKB48 and Makino Yui, AnimeNEXT 2010 had Stereopony) but I wish I had people to go with during those two conventions.

I still plan to go to conventions. I plan to go to NYAF again on October and Anime Expo next year (which is funny of me writing it because this year’s Anime Expo will start in a couple of hours I believe). I was also thing about going to Otakon this year, but I don’t think that is happening.

I also plan to cosplay in those conventions. I did cosplay as Kotarou Inugami from Negima during AnimeNEXT, but I would like to cosplay as Genis Sage (Tales of Symphonia) and Kagamine Len (Vocaloid) in the future. I know that it would better if I made those costumes, but I’m bad at stuff like sewing so I guess I’ll just end up buying those costumes in the near future (maybe starting next week?). I would also like to cosplay with a group (except I don’t know anyone) and I would like to find someone that would cosplay as certain female characters that I like (like Chrome Dokuro from Hitman Reborn, but that’s probably not happening either, unless my luck changes).

One thing I wish though is that I wish I can find new friends I can go to those conventions with because right now, I know no one right now that would really want to go.


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